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I love yoga, crossfit, and cats. My favorite authors growing up were Roald Dahl, Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal, and one of VC Andrews books. Poetry is cool too. I like Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, and Bukowski. I also own poetry by Elizabeth Bishop and anthologies by Garrison Keillor. I mainly read junk now. Thanks $0.99 Kindle deals.


Into That Forest - Louis Nowra

Hannah is a little spitfire. And Becky seems to prefer dresses over mud. So when the girls get lost from Hannah's parents during a storm (they're young when this happens, like 6 years old), they get adopted by these tigers (and not real tigers but tasmanian tigers). Hanna seems to be the first to lose her clothes and her speech but Becky seems to hold on to those human parts of her. The most memorable part of the book to me is their relationship. Even though these two kids are complete opposites, they've been bound by this experience.



There are not that many characters to worry about. You meet a Mr. Carson and an Ernie who show up the last 1/3 of the book. Then the tigers - Dave and Corrina. Last but not least, Becky and Hannah. 


There are so many THEMES to explore in this book. Man vs. Nature, Taming the Wild, What Makes us Human?, Brutality and the Gentleness of Nature, What Makes a Family? etc. 


This book has closure, so you find out what happens to everyone! No loose ends, I hate that!

Also, I'm not sure what age group this book is intended for. It's definitely graphic at times and there are some heavy topics. I wouldn't pass this out to elementary school kids but maybe appropriate for mature middle schoolers?