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I love yoga, crossfit, and cats. My favorite authors growing up were Roald Dahl, Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal, and one of VC Andrews books. Poetry is cool too. I like Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, and Bukowski. I also own poetry by Elizabeth Bishop and anthologies by Garrison Keillor. I mainly read junk now. Thanks $0.99 Kindle deals.

What is up with women writing books that involve spanking?

Big Girl Panties - Stephanie Evanovich

This was not horrible. Or realistic. It's well worth $1.99 I paid for it but don't you dare spend more than $4.99!


Holly is a widow. She seems to have led a fairly unremarkable life until she meets celebrity sports trainer Logan on an airplane. Logan accidentally flew coach and had to sit next to, ugh, a fat girl. But Holly and Logan strike up a conversation and in a rare moment of benevolence, Logan offers to fit her in his busy schedule and become her trainer.


Holly shows up to all the workouts, and Logan is super impressed with her workout ethic! But whenever Logan starts to get to the root of Holly's problems, she verbally spars with Logan to misdirect the conversation. However, Logan is much smarter than that (he has a Masters degree), and they start to form a very good friendship.


Logan's main celebrity he trains (Chase) has a wife Amanda who takes Holly under her wing. Holy feels out of place in their world but, at the same time, she feels like she's coming alive again by getting out of the rut she's been in.


Logan has always dated tall, blond skinny chicks. And Holly is red-haired and will never grace the pages of Vickie's Secret. CAN THEY MAKE IT WORK OMG IDK HOW IT ENDS.