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I love yoga, crossfit, and cats. My favorite authors growing up were Roald Dahl, Christopher Pike, Francine Pascal, and one of VC Andrews books. Poetry is cool too. I like Billy Collins, Mary Oliver, and Bukowski. I also own poetry by Elizabeth Bishop and anthologies by Garrison Keillor. I mainly read junk now. Thanks $0.99 Kindle deals.

Station Eleven book review

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel



This book talks about maybe the 15 years before and the 15-20 years after the Georgian Flu annihilates 99% of the earth's inhabitants (well, at least around the Michigan-Chicago area). Sounds super exciting, right? Well, somehow, it's not when you read it.

You're following many different story lines that weave in and out of one another. The characters speak with the same "voice" though. Everyone is super classy and well-bred, it seems like. (which kept me at a distance from the book bc I'm super not-classy).

My main gripe is, for a dystopian book, where life has changed as we know it, the author writes better about the smaller scale issues? The regrets seem to be superficial or ... I dont know, a part of life that that everyone goes through but selfish, articulate people might describe it in a romantic way.


With a setting where only 1% of the population is around, I was kind of expecting exploration of larger themes. But I felt the paparazzi, a guy dating younger women bc he's famous during the pre-apocalypse was more pitiful and "sad" than what people were going through in the post-apocalypse (where your life is seriously in danger but I NEVER FELT LIKE THEIR LIFE WAS IN DANGER). Maybe that was the author's intention.

It comes off as shallow, pre-pretentious a little bit. The fantastic, little parts didn't translate to a fantastic, great whole. There was just a little heart and soul missing.